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About Sparnatural

Sparnatural is a Javascript component that allows users to explore an RDF Knowledge Graph
by building SPARQL queries intuitively. It is configurable to adapt to your knowledge graph ontology.

How do you explore your knowledge graph ?

Maybe you have lists of entities. Or a search engine. Maybe you have facets. Maybe you even have data-visualisation. But can you explore your knowledge graph really as a graph ? This is what Sparnatural does.

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to show - and to sell - all this nice structured data you have aggregated in your graph ? Sparnatural can demonstrate the value of heterogeneous data integration.

Are you looking for a solution that can bring your knowledge graph to your end-users ? Sparnatural is the right tool for this : it allows try-and-error interactions, it is visual, and it "gamifies" the knowledge graph experience.

End-User interface for your SPARQL endpoint

Adapt to your ontology

Sparnatural can be configured to adapt to your graph structure. You can hide some of the complexity of your graph, and simplify the navigation for your users. Configuration is made through an OWL ontology, fully documented.

Client-only (no additionnal server required)

Sparnatural is pure client javascript and can be plugged to any existing SPARQL endpoint, without additionnal server required.

Free and open-source

Sparnatural license is LGPL-3.0, which means you are free to integrate it in your website. Any modification you make inside the source code of Sparnatural needs to be distributed with the same license, or contributed to the original project.

Open-Source on Github

Sparnatural development is open and happens on the Github repository.

Fully customizable

Sparnatural offers different widgets for value selection : dropdown lists, ordered by occurrence count or alphabetically, autocomplete search fields, date pickers, tree widgets... this is all part of Sparnatural configuration.

Fully documentated

Sparnatural comes with complete documentation.

Try & download

Test a live demo to browse french-speaking DBPedia. Download from Github and start using !



DBPedia Museums

Museums, Artworks and Painters.

Legilux (Luxembourg legislation)

Legislation, EU transpositions, citations, modifications, abrogation links. (French National Library)

FRBR (Work / Manifestation), authors, dates.

Medical terminolgy : ICD-10

Diseases in an OWL-based terminology.

Vegetables Gardening

PLants characteristics from Elzeard knowledge base

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